Two W's

When I was at summer camp in 6th grade, each cabin had to spend a few days on waiter duty.

We would set the table, serve the food, refill ketchup, get drinks or fulfill special requests. Then we would clear the dishes, sweep the floor, arrange the chairs. Afterwards, we would eat.

Everyone thought waiter duty was a chore.

But I really loved this part of camp. Instead of the same old basketball or tag or whatever, this was a special moment to do a task for someone else…and do it well.

I would make sculptures out of the place settings. I would serve with formalities and a French accent. I would select the crispiest bacon, grab the frosted flakes before they ran out.

Cabins started to request me ahead of time. “Hey Andy, wait on my cabin’s table extra special at dinner today, ok!?” It was truly a pleasure, an honor, a privilege.

My point is, people NEVER do work they are excited about first. You can’t do work you’re excited about. Not an option. Sorry. It’s a myth. Simply no. Remove that concept from your brain.

What you can do, though, is much better. Get excited about the work you do.

Who’s it for? What’s it for?

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