Babies Versus Adults

A baby is really good at her job. She sticks her finger places it shouldn’t go. She explores. She tries everything she can.

“What are you doing?”

A baby smiles at the face of novelty. She puts herself in harm’s way to pursue new knowledge. She learns. And she calls out for help when needed.

Her job is to say yes.

A teenager turned college student isn’t so far removed as he might think. Learning is still the name of the game. Even though adulthood starts to trickle in.

“What are you studying?”

Life tumbles into cacophonous and ever-growing confusion. But he does the best he can. He still explores. He still says yes.

Full-blown adults enter a different paradigm. More than learning, their job is to create value. They are supposed to know what’s required.

“What are you working on?”

To bring something different and enriching to the table, adults are supposed to say no to nearly everything. Babies live by exploratory impulse, but adults live by deliberate choice.

The hope is that we explored fully enough previously.

The reality is that most adults are bad at their job.

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