When I go on a trip, I try to fit everything into a single backpack. For longer trips, I jam lots of clothes in there. Flip flops go in the side pocket, a water bottle in the other side. I might not have room for a book, but usually I’ll want one in hand anyway.

If the trip is only a day or two, I don’t need so many clothes. But I might still fill up the backpack. I’ll bring my shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, vaseline, mouthwash, food, fragrance, shaving cream, playing cards.

Which bag turns out to be heavier? I have gotten by on those longer trips by using conditioner as shaving cream. And I don’t even need to pack it…I can get some on the road.

We all carry a backpack as we move through life. First, it’s empty, and we start packing in some essentials. Then we fill up on extras. Eventually, we get better at removing some of the junk. We consolidate, and then we fill up again.

It’s nice to have room to spare. Then when we encounter something beautiful in our journey, something that truly adds value and delights us, we can take it with us.

What are you willing to shed for that empty space and possibility?

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