How To Avoid A Climate Disaster

Bill Gates is super awesome. His new book is super important. Read this book if you want to think more like Bill, specifically about fixing big problems in the modern world. 

I loved Bill’s 5-question framework outlining the key things to probe when encountering any factoid or project related to understanding and mitigating the scary threat of Pollution Death.

Here’s the link to the book release and pitch. It has a nice little youtube vid intro featuring Bill’s cute nerdy grandpa voice.

I should mention that I didn’t finish the book. Only made it to ~chapter 3 due to a combination of happenstance, expiring public library e-checkout, and the feeling of chewing on slightly over-simplified dryness.

But that just means the author did his job—“Everything you need to know about avoiding the worst climate outcomes”—super extra well. Within those first few chapters, I learned a ton about the present state of our Atmosphere Cancer; therefore, I felt comfortable stopping earlier than originally intended.

Highly recommend to everyone on planet Earth as a one-stop-shop to get us aligned in this generation-defining conversation.

We need to be speaking the same language and taking serious aim at 51 billion.

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