Brushing Teeth

When I worked in Spain, I was pleasantly surprised to see all my coworkers migrate to the restrooms after lunch for a midday tooth brushing party. After observing for a couple days, I happily joined in. It’s fun to brush teeth with the boss.

A dearth of public brushing saddened me upon return to the U.S. Our culture doesn’t like to air out such things.

Often, I’ll switch hands and practice lefty brushing. Started doing this at age 10 or 11 after breaking my left arm. Figured one day I might break the right one, and it pays to be prepared!

Weeks of struggle brought eventual dexterity gains.

I believe if you can make brushing your teeth an adventure, frought with dangerous encounters and rife with the possibility of failure, then you can do anything you put your mind to.

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