Coach Andy's Chess Corner

I’m not accepting new students, except under extremely special circumstances. You are welcome to contact me.


How To Teach Your Child Chess. The most fun, fast, effective way to introduce young folks to the game. No chess knowledge required. Instead of paying me or someone else $50-150+ for an hour, you can read this book in less time, and then have months or even years of quality interactions with your kid! ($18.95 + s/h, order here)

How To Enjoy Chess for Adult Beginners. Become a chess insider, starting from scratch, while having a blast! (pre-order here $19.99 total)


  1. Intro - How To Teach Chess To Your Child
  2. Bishops + Rooks
  3. Knight Battleship
  4. Pawn Wars
  5. Basic Checkmates
  6. Full Game and Variations




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