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Learn Piece Fundamentals - start here! Minigames are the best way for adult beginners to build chess confidence while having fun with a partner.

Ease Into A Full Game - if you already know how the pieces move, try practicing the king + rook checkmate or play progressive chess with a friend!

Develop Further Chess Understanding - to take things beyond friends and family, you want to find the right balance between playing games, solving puzzles, and learning from grandmasters.

How To Teach Your Child - the most fun, fast, effective way to introduce young ones to the game! No background required (for you or your little learner).


How To Teach Your Child Chess. Don’t pay $50-150+ for an hour of coaching. You can read this book in less time, then have months or even years of quality interactions with your kid! ($18.95 + s/h, preview and order here)

How To Enjoy Chess for Adult Beginners. Become a chess insider, starting from scratch, while having a blast! (pre-order here $19.99 total)





Coach Andy is a chess expert who has taught hundreds of students to love the game (across all ages, backgrounds, and levels of reluctance). He believes you’re never to young nor too old to start enjoying chess!

Andy has developed curriculum on the teaching staff of the Saint Louis Chess Club and Scholastic Center, the Mechanics’ Institute in San Francisco, and e3 Civic High in San Diego. He holds a bachelor’s degree in math with computer science from MIT, where he cofounded the modern chess club and graduated in 3 years.

Private Lessons

I’m not accepting new students, except under extremely special circumstances. You are welcome to contact me.

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