Today, I toured Askinosie Chocolate.

The company is a really lovely example of a well-designed, thoughtful, generous business. They’re like a nonprofit, helping local and overseas communities, etc. It’s what an economist might point to and say, “look at this, capitalism really works.”

Of course, they market themselves with this story. Which puts a premium on the chocolate ($8.50+ per bar). But it’s OK because it’s really genuine. I’ll pay to support their mission. I’ll buy into their story. As will my tongue.

What stood out to me most during the tour was simply the size of the factory. It was much smaller than I expected. Perhaps Willy Wonka has set a high bar for chocolatiers.

Or perhaps it’s the company’s deliberate practice of reverse scale. Even though they have opportunity to grow (in many ways), they choose to remain a certain size. Because it’s small and meaningful rather than scaling and mindless.

This is a beautiful concept that I suspect will gain traction over the course of the 21st century. The idea that a fixed, limited business size can be viewed as a daily beginning. A starting place, rather than a conclusion.

Like many good things in my life, Askinosie came to me from Seth Godin. Thanks Seth.

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