Complete Trust

I believe it’s possible to gift 5 to 6-figure sums of cash to trustworthy people, in the hopes that they’ll pay it back someday. Possibly with (big) interest. Hopefully to then be paid forward in the same way.

The idea is to find people working on high-potential projects that may become profitable. If these projects fail, these people will be able to find lucrative employment and pay back the principal without too much trouble farther in the future.

How is this different than investing? Well, it’s more flexible, and ideally it’s less risky. The recipients should be people of honor, who will compel themselves to repay the gift without any legal recourse needed. And the donor will correspondingly set aside any expectations of repayment.

It’s a donation, rather than an investment. I don’t know the tax implications, but it’s kinda sexy to have zero terms. No strings attached.

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