Construction Strugs

It’s been raining a lot in Loja.

We made great progress last week scooping out a driveway, but the machine does more damage than work in the mud. My builder decided to pause construction.

Once things dry up a bit, we’ll level the corner to make a smooth, broad entry. Then comes an important finishing touch: gravel.

The raw, wet dirt has already claimed a couple of the neighbors’ cars. They’ve been asking how long until the road is usable again?

My builder says it’s up to nature, and refuses to do anything but the best work in the best conditions.

I got impatient and asked one of the upset neighbors to finish the job so folks wouldn’t be inconvenienced any longer.

This neighbor’s excavator of choice wanted to wait for dryer conditions too. Same as my builder, but lower quality and higher cost. So much for my brilliant idea to rush things.

I lost many hours fretting over a situation outside of my control. I hired then fired my neighbor and created needless friction with my builder by passing the driveway job around.

There was no need to try pleasing people through hurried action when stillness and some thoughtful words would have sufficed.

The cars got unstuck just fine, and now we’re all waiting for the sun together.

The cabin design is coming together nicely. We’ll pick out appliances next week. Once the weather improves, the driveway will be finished as originally planned. Foundations can then be laid.

During the past few days, I’ve been super fixated on the difficulties. That one step back can loom so much larger than the three steps forward.

However, taking a bird’s eye view (and a deep breath), the overall pace makes me happy. It’s great to be learning from unpleasant but manageable surprises. I’ll enjoy the house that much more in the end.

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