The Curse of Experience

As we age, we refine our sense of good and bad. We understand our preferences, those of others, and the limitations of our understanding.

We realize that our brief time is extremely valuable. And we develop a feeling for the appropriate moment for a speech at the party.

At the same time, we see the futility of undirected effort. We learn—the hard way—what failure means.

More and more, we fit into our circumstances. We put a lot on the “to do” list, but even more on the “don’t do” list. Our fears and worries multiply.

We always complete the “don’t do” list.

So while more of us may understand the right moment for the speech at the party, fewer of us are willing to break out of the herd to interrupt everyone and kick off the speaking.

Not without a few days of premeditated notes and preparation. Not without the approval of management. Not without a leadership certificate, or the Toastmasters seal of approval.

Certainly not without a few drinks…

Life has an unforgiving pace. It’s rapid. We get more and more familiar with it, yet never completely in synch.

We can choose to commit to opportunity. We can choose to sieze the day. We can choose to live fast and loose, because tight only gets you through the first few rounds of the hold ‘em tournament.

It’s not about winning and losing. It’s about your feelings, the journey. Generously stepping up to speak and lead, even when unprepared.

How would your day be different if you had all your knowledge but no fear?

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