It’s 1am, I’m waking at 6 tomorrow, and the blog post isn’t even started.

My queue bottomed out; there is no reserve. I’m exhausted from other things demanding my energy and weighing on my mind.

Yet here we go. Writing something down. Because I have a deadline to meet.

It’s not just a placeholder, one of those “I want to lose five pounds in the next month.”

It’s quickly five weeks and only three pounds later…but there are no real consequences. We easily let ourselves off the hook. Maybe even feel good about the effort we put in.


This is a real, hard deadline.

I MUST ship my daily blog post tomorrow. There’s a tangible result, an outcome being measured in black and white. It is a visceral priority, just like rushing to the hospital if my leg snapped in two.

At work, when our boss or colleague says, “I need this tomorrow,” we know they mean it. We really try to honor that request.

At home, we sometimes tell ourselves “I need this tomorrow.” Then something strange happens. It’s a bad habit vortex.

All too often we choose double disrespect—by both showing up empty handed and then granting ourselves a free pass.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way out. It starts with two simple words: “Not today.”

I choose to beat my deadline.

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