Email Last

A lot of people wake up and tackle email first. Or Slack, text message…choose your analog. It’s the urgent thing, the one that feels like people are depending on us to respond immediately.

What about learning piano or Chinese? Sinking some effort into that side-project? Shipping v0 software, writing the first five chapters of your book? (Instead of revisiting the unfinished table of contents…again…)

The work that we avoid isn’t the hard part. The hard part is avoiding the avoidance. Giving yourself 5 minutes (or 5 hours) to get something done. To make progress.

How often do you tell yourself that today is the day to turn off the cellphone and crank up the challenge? That today is the day to deliver on what’s meaningful and important?

That today you will say “no” to everything (and everyone) else but “yes” to what’s burning you alive inside?

The amateurs start with email and never get to the juicy stuff. The pros dive into the weeds and forget the email altogether.

The real superstars, they save email for last. And they make sure they hit inbox zero before bedtime.

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