Fine Motor Control

I laid on my back, extending my legs up and down in a frog-like accordion kick.

After a few repetitions, I noticed my heels wobbling apart. It’s challenging to maintain precise control of the motion. All these little muscles in the legs have to work really hard to stabilize things.

Everyone else in the gym was lifting weights or bobbing on an elliptical machine. They threw their whole bodies into making the job easier.

Some people had clearly spent time and effort isolating various muscle groups, training their mind and body to overcome and grow with precision. They looked good.

But most people were works in progress. Not yet so clear if they would turn out as they hoped, if they would stay the same forever, or if they would give up and leave.

Once I have the goal to make my frog leg extensions better, I should practice them on a daily or at least bi-weekly basis. And that practice must be focused and challenging.

If I don’t practice, and to the point where it hurts just like this first time, then it’s not a real goal. I might even be better off just throwing the goal away, cancelling the gym membership.

Because tormenting myself mentally isn’t going to help anything. Looking at other people isn’t going to help anything. Having the clear goal and then doing the painful frog leg thing will.

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