Fishing for Talent

Me now versus 3 years ago…not a huge difference.

But I have a fancy degree and a better sense of fashion. I have a longer list of email contacts, alphabetically sorted. I have a polished story, and I tell it with conviction.

That other guy, he doesn’t quite fit the mold. He can’t enumerate his useful skills, demonstrate sound judgment, and neatly fold his life into the 30 minute call window.

Language is a technology. Training, skill, and experience help to wield it properly. Then there’s jiggling into alignment with all the peripherals.

Things to never forget:

  • Jaded skepticism can make you give up, or it can make you try harder.
  • Underconfidence and overconfidence can both lead to critical omissions of the (seemingly) obvious.
  • Sometimes, conformity is the most relevant and succinct communication possible.

A more humane recruiting process:

  1. We’ll say what we’re all about. Convince us why we should talk with you in a short email.
  2. Let’s have an honest conversation about your energy, integrity, and skillset. Outcome: yes / no / wait. And a genuine explanatory sentence.
  3. Pretend like you’re already hired. Now, let’s write a job description together, no holds barred.

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