Hitting Targets

Put an archer 500 feet from the bullseye, and she will give you an idea of how often she can nail it.

I know nothing about archery, but let’s say she delivers 75% of the time.

She’ll probably also be able to tell you how much closer she needs to get for 98%, or how much farther she can go before getting into coinflip territory, 50-50.

How did she develop this skill? Easy. There’s only one way: a lot of target practice.

Ask yourself if you can hit the bullseye 10 feet away, drill at it 100 times, then come back the next day and do it again. After a few weeks, maybe you’ll throw in some 20 or 50-foot shots. Continue for years.

Either this ritual will be rewarding, and you’ll stick with it, or it won’t be worthwhile and you’ll quit.

The activity doesn’t matter. It’s all about setting achievable goals then putting in the hours to reach them.

I mentioned “this skill” earlier, and I should clarify what I’m talking about. Because correct practice develops two sub-skills…

  1. Expertise at your activity of choice: dexterity, muscle memory, subject-specific knowledge, etc. The ability to execute with efficient excellence.

  2. Good judgment: a thorough understanding of context as well as your own assets and limitations. The ability to plan accurately and make consistent, confident, high-quality decisions.

It’s easy to forget that you can’t have one without the other. You’re going to need both if you want to hit a lot of targets.

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