My Greatest Influences


I am religious about four instrumental touchstones.

  1. “Consider Writing”, Graceful, and The Practice. Seth Godin maps the journey of making one’s ruckus in the modern world.

  2. Turning Pro. Steven Pressfield delivers a well-aimed kick in the pants to get us moving along.

  3. Finite and Infinite Games. James P. Carse forges some startlingly elegant moral bifocals.

  4. Dan Harris on Becoming 10% Happier and The Feeling Buddha. Tim Ferriss and David Brazier help us pause, breathe, and enjoy.

Ideas and Tools

If the above texts form the core of my religion, then these are additional study group fodder:

Captivating Works

Noteworthy “just for fun” stuff I find beautiful:


Family, friends, teachers, colleagues, neighbors, chance acquaintances, even adversaries…so many individuals and organizations have contributed to the fabric of my experience.

More than anything else, I am a product of having interacted with numerous human beings. Thank you all for your part in my life.

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