Life Goals

I failed to write much at all during the past week with family visiting Disney World in Orlando. The trip gave me lots of time to reflect. Today, I would like to share something I discovered.

My past can be roughly segmented into a few time periods:

  • pre-first grade,
  • second grade through fourth,
  • fifth through 10th,
  • 11th through college sophomore,
  • college junior through today.

Each epoch has enriched my life greatly. I’ve felt a progression of increased consciousness and responsibility throughout the journey.

I’m excited to turn the corner today, to begin a new epoch defined by something that’s been missing in the others. Despite many previous attempts, I’ve never felt truly ready to articulate and commit myself to a set of thorough, deliberate, long-term principles. Now, I do.

  1. Value Creation: I want to create more value than I consume. I find purpose and meaning in building creative skills and habits daily.

  2. Health and Growth: I want to maintain a healthy body and mind. Pushing my physical limits and constantly learning with the beginner’s mind are challenging but ultimately worth it.

  3. Love Flywheels: I want my relationships and community ties to manifest and grow the deep-seated love I hold within. I seek to bring out the same in others.

  4. Orderly House: I want to excel at the necessities of life, while keeping junk out of the way. I’d like to avoid over-investing time in logistics, cleaning, ruminating, and other OCD tendencies which serve no particular end.

  5. Sustainable Fun: I want to unify all the above principles and suffuse them with fun. Leisure time falls under this category, as does implementing daily goals and behaviors that bring joy.

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