What I Love About Ecuador

It’s a down-to-earth place. Every store is a farmer’s market. Nature feels close at hand and tastes splendid.

I find myself going places without a cell phone. Folks are kind to say hello and point the way. An innovative and practical people, making do with just the original Amazon.

Local maestros chop trees to construct sturdy buildings—many finished with shiny windows, tile, clean modern façades. City centers feel European, possibly with a KFC and Payless ShoeSource.

Buses run regularly, everywhere, accompanied by swarms of taxis. Do you want to wait at the stop and pay $0.30 for a ride, or do you prefer the $2.00 chauffeur?

A dollar goes two to ten times farther in this stable USD economy. Folks may be poor on a $400 monthly income, but you don’t see inequality screaming in these clean streets.

The aggressively yapping dogs, however, and the occasional spiders, scorpions, snakes…they make the big pointy-horned cow that wandered onto your front porch seem like an old friend.

Life here takes a bit more work to live. Seatbelts, insurance, and nutrition facts can be difficult to come by. Don’t forget to bring your own toilet paper, and make sure it ends up in the trash can.

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