Over (and Under)

Work can mean exercise, desk computer thinking, or a host of other activities.

Energy to do the work might come from food, sleep, caffeine, muscle fibers, gravity, etc.

Ideally work is our art. We own it, we’re proud of it. Something hard, a challenge and accompanying journey that ultimately produces significant valuable change. Requires creativity.

Work pushes our limits. And when we push our limits, we need time to recover.

Recovery provides the immediate benefit of energy replenishment as well as the longer-term benefit of offline balance and capacity-building.

If we don’t recover sufficient energy or build sufficient capacity and balance into our personal vehicle moving forward, we can no longer do good work.

We can no longer take the journey we want to take.

(But watch out for the reverse problem too, when we never push our limits in the first place. If we don’t have a challenging journey, everything is susceptible to atrophy.

So it’s possible when the right, worthwhile journey finally comes along, we cannot even embark. We’ve never had a chance to build capacity, skills, resilience, balance. We’ve killed the opportunity in advance.)

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