Part of the Organism

When our body has an unproductive cell or a parasite, we try to get rid of it.

Can’t have hangers-on which consume more than they contribute. Otherwise we die.

When a company has an unproductive employee, the company must similarly fix the problem.

This doesn’t necessarily mean firing people. Education and training can be effective as well.

The point is to avoid a death cycle. If you’re the CEO, you don’t consume all your revenue to produce diminishing output.

From the employee’s point of view, why not try every day to create as much value as possible?

For the customer, for the company, for society, for yourself. Win - win - win - win.

It might take a bit of sweat and pain. You might not like giving away so much emotional labor when you’re not being paid enough for your efforts.

But eventually, if you do it right—and you will learn to do it right if you just keep trying—the CEO will come and thank you.

Maybe she’ll even ask you step into her shoes and do it again.

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