People Questions

It’s hard to find time to think about deep questions. To have the mental capacity and emotional intensity to get to difficult, challenging, exciting, dangerous, boundary-pushing conversations. The kind which might change the world, or maybe just your world…or that of your conversation partner.

Some deep questions that have come up in my life recently. Things without answers, very juicy topics.

“Have you observed any differences between between men and women in the prevalence of conversation topics relating to career / business / work / money? If so, why do you think this is?”

“What are your thoughts on offsetting your carbon emissions from airplane travel?” From someone who does a lot of airplane travel for work (or could do more instead of currently driving/train/busing long distances).

Packed up in there are the underlying questions…is this an important topic at all to you, do you believe airplanes are good versus bad, how do you value time, is this conversation even one you will engage with deeply?

It’s impossible to engage with the topic if you aren’t ever presented with the opportunity, the question. You can decide to focus on other questions once you hear it, but it’s nice to hear it, to be exposed, to know the world you might be missing. (This can create fear of missing out but I think you learn to deal with that after enough stimulation.)

My point here is, it’s really nice to know (thoughtful) people from a wide variety of places and backgrounds. To know people and have their trust, a foundation to your relationship such that you can call them up after a year or two of radio silence and ask “what’s on your mind?” knowing that they will give you a big weighty question that they’ve been seriously pondering.

They might respect you enough to expect a good answer. If you’re the kind of person who seeks out these challenges, you will start to give off some thoughtful vibes that people seek…and so they desire your honest input.

But the first step is getting folks to share the deep questions.

Sharing them within a random spontaneous conversation…

That might lead to more conversations, sooner…some connections to helpful people or resources, a little collaborative project, an idea or new perspective to chew on…a company, a friendship, growing deeper, together…

Or it might just lead to more juicy questions.

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