Piling Up

Chores. Body fat. Email. Closet junk. Dust. Debt. A lot of things pile up.

What about friendships, love, happy memories, proud worthwhile moments, wealth, skills, good deeds, fitness?

When we experience “bad” pile-up, we usually make tradeoffs in the direction of comfort, complacency, stagnation. Things that feel good in the short term (which is why we choose them), but that are ultimately unhealthy in the long term.

Positive pile-up, on the other hand, involves some discomfort or challenge. Pushing in a new direction. Thoughtful sacrifice. Emotional labor, creative energy expenditure. Short term pain for long term gain.

We push aside fear and expectations to simply do our best. To optimistically try what we think is right. Even when it’s tough. Especially then.

If we want something bad enough, we will act to make it happen. The problem isn’t usually in the acting, but the wanting.

The people you admire do good things. To become one of those people, you have to do good things too.

Don’t hug a tree trunk when you could be going out on a limb.

When you do more wanting and choosing, you get better at it.

Next week is too late.

Make sure that by the time the pile-up gets beyond habitual, by the time it becomes a fact of the world, that it’s a happy pile-up. One you wanted, and built, and enjoy.

Understand and express yourself.

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