Launching A Podcast

A few years ago, I pulled together a collection of stories called “The Shape of College”. Volunteers shared their perspectives on the college experience as well as certain application essays. The idea was to paint a more nuanced picture of how high school students move beyond the college admissions process.

“Yup & Coming” takes aim at the next transition point, from college to career. Co-host James Bollinger and I recorded the first episode last Sunday, and you can listen to it now at!

My favorite podcasts—Seth Godin, 80,000 Hours, Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, and Tyler Cowen—tend to have more famous, older guests. When I caught up with James around the end of 2020, we both had independently concluded a podcast discussing early career moves with interesting young professionals would be uniquely valuable.

It was surprisingly easy to set everything up:

Perhaps the most difficult, time-consuming parts happened last Sunday when it was time to start recording. First, I made a fully enclosed sound studio (blanket fort) so my Macbook’s mic wouldn’t pick up too much echo from the walls.

Then, at our precisely-scheduled 11am start, my block’s electricity went out! So we hopped on a phone call and each recorded locally.

Request more fun stories, submit feedback, and ask questions for the show at! You can also find links to your favorite podcast platform there, or subscribe to new episodes with your email. Approval for Google and iTunes should go through within the next few days, and we’re excited to have more episodes coming very soon!

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