Sunny with a Chance of Disappointment

You could trust the weather report, fully and completely, without a backup plan. But then you should know you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Alternatively, you could appreciate the weather report, giving thanks to the weather people for trying their best to provide a useful forecast. How nice to have this free reference, an anchor point that’s fairly reliable.

I used to feel irked when older folks would sigh, “Ah, you’re still young.” But maybe they wouldn’t like me calling them “older folks.”

Maybe instead of rejecting what I saw as their needless imposition of personal worldview, I could instead think: I am indeed young, with many hopes and dreams yet to be realized through hard work, and I hope to continuously renew and retain my youthful flexibility and exuberance.

There’s rarely anything to be gained by locking in expectations, thinking and acting unilaterally. Yet this is so often our default.

Open-mindedness and optimism require a shrinking of the self, a recognition of the many forms of value just beyond the realm of our mundane experience and base instincts.

If only we could keep reminding ourselves to carry this umbrella. It weighs nothing, it takes up zero space, and it protects everyone—by uplifting us above the clouds.

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