Visit Andy in Ecuador!

Soon I’ll have a place of my own to officially host visitors. Until then, I highly recommend Maya’s mountain sanctuary in Vilcabamba 45 minutes south:

I came to Ecuador for a spontaneous vacation in November 2020. After a couple weeks with Maya, I ended up loving it so much that I decided to stay.

I’m currently residing in Loja (pronounced low-ha), a small city nestled in the Andes mountains over a mile above sea level. Loja has a couple universities, a mild climate, Ecuador’s first wind farm, safe friendly neighborhoods, a few restaurants with international cuisines, and some pleasant nature trails.

My apartment is in a modern building with the picturesque view above, and hotels are around $20 per night. Large delicious meals including a drink can be found for less than $2.50. Love that guata and morocho combo from the market!

It’s a great place to visit and experience local life + flavors. You might learn, as I did, how to move bricks and shower slowly.

Tourist trips I’d like to try someday with friends include: the Galapagos, Quito, the Amazon, the coast, and other South American countries.

Happy to answer questions about visiting Ecuador and staying with myself or Maya!

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