Welcome To Ticketmaster


I’m curious how and why I received this email. I assume it’s associated with the ticket purchase I recently made?

Your privacy policy states that you may use the information I provide to market things to me. A “choice” I have is to opt out of such communication. But that choice wasn’t preemptively presented. You had to subscribe and send me this welcome email first…

I don’t see an unsubscribe option. I don’t see a company that cares about me. I don’t see a company providing a delightful service, a service worth raving about.

Instead… I see a company that sends me yet more spam, crap on the heap. I see a company that has up-sold me, and not in a good way. I see a company that abuses the trust and permission I willingly gave.

I gave you my email expecting the tickets I purchased, not a mass-marketed “newsletter” I don’t need nor care about. When did I tell you I wanted “exclusive benefits” or “to discover more”? If anything, this is disturbing my “peace of mind”.

It would be nice if it weren’t your fault. It would be nice if this now-standard industry practice were acceptable to blindly follow. It would be nice if I didn’t hold you, Ticketmaster, directly responsible for this painful experience.

Because yes, now you are getting a blanket email filter deleting incoming Ticketmaster mail. Because yes, now you have gone from my Sea of Ambivalence to the Desert of Repulsiveness.

I hope you’re listening because it’s a much longer trip to get to the small, coveted Island of Loyal Customer Fan-hood. Here’s another chance to step in the right direction…


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