What's Funny?

Guy goes to mechanic, asks how he got into fixing cars.

“Well, it started when I was 13 and got into an accident…”

Guy doesn’t even listen to the rest, immediately takes his car across the street. The plot thickens.

“Yeah, so, you see that punk mechanic across the street? He crashed his drunk ass into my Corvette 15 years back. Kid hadn’t even hit puberty, he couldn’t see the damn traffic lights over the steering wheel!

“I never bother with insurance and his daddy was one helluva lawyer, made me pay for the whole fucking thing. Got the kid a nice new set of wheels, early 16th birthday present. Can you believe it?! I set up shop last year to steal all his goddamn business…”

Guy goes back to the first mechanic, intrigued.

“Hey, thanks for coming back. I should really thank that old grouch someday, he’s been nothing but helpful to me!”

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