Where to Focus

“Businessmen bring their ideas to market. Entrepreneurs bring the market what it asks for.”

My professor’s goal was not to put people in buckets. Effective businesspeople serve their markets. Effective entrepreneurs work with unique ideas and insight.

The focus is on listening.

Babies learning to talk aren’t selfishly pushing their own agendas and protocols. They aren’t brainstorming which words they’re most passionate about or which would be best to tackle first. Instead, they are simply thrust into doing—struggling to meet the communication demands imposed on them by the world.

Recall epic things you’ve done. Were you scratching your own itch? Or were you leaning in to your community?

Let’s unlearn the prevailing “I’ve got to share my gifts” mentality. It takes enormous effort, but what a wonderful opportunity each day presents!

We don’t need to know how to deploy our creative superpowers, or even what those might be. We just need to walk outside and pay attention.

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